When Is the Best Time to Visit Wisconsin?

group of friends about to ride the bus

Those who wish to spend a vacation Wisconsin should do so in the fall season because of the generally favorable weather, yet many also visit during the summer months.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, a bed and breakfast, such as Homestead Suites in Door County, WI, is among the good options. B&Bs often charge cheaper rates than a hotel, yet the type of service could even be the same between the two.

Time of the Year

While fall is arguably the best time to visit the state, that doesn’t mean that you should restrict your trip during this season. Those who are fond of skiing and other snow-related activities will likely have the most enjoyable time in January.

In case winter isn’t your favorite time of the year, the perfect months to spend a vacation are from September and early November.

You should avoid a trip between late June and August if you prefer a small crowd of fellow tourists, although Wisconsin seldom has a crowded vibe during the summer. The best times to snag a deal for accommodation usually happen in April or May as well.

Finding Accommodation

Now that you know some of the best times to visit the state, you might be thinking about the right day and time to book a hotel. A study claimed that making a last-minute reservation, which is one to three days before your trip, could mean up to $20 per night of savings.

It might be more affordable to extend your stay past the weekend. The most expensive rates for checking in usually fall on a Friday or Saturday, with Sundays as their check-out day.

The right time to stay in Wisconsin for a vacation will depend on what you intend to do or see in the state. Whether you plan to go during the summer or fall, it’s better to find a good board and lodging deal ahead of your trip.