Why Dust Extraction Systems are Important at Work

Worker removing asbestos

In the manufacturing industry, the quality of your products depends on your workers' skills and state of the art equipment. However, to keep your equipment and workers in top condition, you need an environment that's safe and clean. In many industries, they use dust extractors and other cleaning equipment. It will not only improve the quality of your products but also help protect your workers. In many companies such as intex.co.nz, the management considers the following factors.

Reduced Operation Expenses

The frequency with which you have to get you machine maintained is directly dependent on the amount of dust that collects in the machines. A dust clogged machine will require you to use more power so as to produce high-quality timber. When the dust exceeds the maximum amount that the machine can handle, it will break down. All these inconveniences result in a rise in your operating cost, and they can all be avoided by installing a dust extractor.

Healthy Employees

In many manufacturing plants, dust and debris will always land on the floor of your workshop or float all over the place. Your employees can get sick often because of this unhealthy environment. Having employees who are consistently absent can lead to low output and productivity. Having a dust extractor and protective gear will improve their protection against dust and debris.

Work according to OSHA Regulations

The government sets certain regulations and restrictions to protect employees from harm. A proper dust extraction system in your workshop could help you meet some of the government regulations.

Installing dust extractors is a vital step when it comes to the productivity of your manufacturing plant. You would also be extending your equipment's service life. All these benefits will result in saving expenses and producing quality products.