Why Gazebos are Great For Backyard Parties

Gazebo in urban setting

Gazebo in urban settingGazebos are an attractive and versatile addition to any garden, sure to wow your friends and neighbours. Owning a gazebo will save dollars on the cost of renting one and the permanent fixture will be available for use whenever you want.

There are so many ways to use an outdoor gazebo, and these include the following:

A Wedding Centrepiece

Why pay hundreds for a wedding reception in a hotel when your beautiful backyard garden could be just right? A gazebo looks great in wedding photographs and protects guests from the rain.

It’s equally good for other types of events, such as Australian Christmas parties, 21st birthday parties or new baby parties, where it makes the perfect festive backdrop.

Outdoor Dining

A gazebo can be a perfect place for a weekend barbecue with family and friends or a romantic dinner with your partner. Just adorn it with fairy lights to give it the romantic atmosphere.

Protection from Insects

Doing an outdoor buffet? Don’t worry about insects or birds. A gazebo provides protection for your outdoor party food and the guests.

Protection from the Elements

Come rain or shine, a gazebo will provide protection from the elements. During the summer, it will keep people away from direct sunlight.

Great for Garden Sales

A gazebo comes in handy when the family decides to have a garden sale or a charity event. Get all those old and unwanted items and arrange them in the gazebo with some trays of lemonade for visitors.

Outdoor Entertainment

A gazebo can be used as a place for an outdoor entertainment area. Just plug in the TV and speakers, or music for an outdoor party.

Create an outdoor gazebo to your specifications to achieve the results you want. When it comes to materials, the beautiful Western Red Cedar wood is a popular choice. The wood is weather proof and chemical free, making it safe for even the youngest members to enjoy the great outdoors.