Why Rainwater Collection is Important

photo of a rainwater collection tank

More homeowners and businesses are choosing to install rainwater tanks to collect rainfall and have an additional supply of water. There are many benefits to rainwater harvesting, both for people and the environment.

Rainwater harvesting isn’t just a fad, it’s a necessity. Despite 70% of the globe’s surface being covered in water, a mere 1% of that water is suitable for drinking. The effects of global warming, droughts and increasing population mean water is a scarce commodity.

Efforts at its conservation are vital. Collecting water in areas with natural rainfall is one way to conserve the supply and make better use of the Earth’s resources.

Rainwater Can Be Used in Appliances

Rainwater that is used to run washing machines or flush toilets saves the tap water supply for drinking. Rainwater can likewise be used for cleaning, to wash the dishes, mop floors or clean the car, saving the municipal water for consumption.

Rainwater Tanks are Suitable Even for Small Homes

Rainwater tanks (slimline varieties) can be placed on the side of smaller homes to look unobtrusive. Some types can likewise be installed underground for maximum camouflage.

Rainwater Can Be Used for Bathing and Cooking

Depending on the type of tank and what the roof is made of, rainwater can be used to bath and shower in, as well as for cooking food.

Rainwater Can Be Used for Gardening

It is likewise great for watering the lawn, especially during hosepipe bans. When water is rationed, people with rainwater tanks will not be subject to any fines for using their rainwater in their garden.

Rainwater Collection Reduces Flood Risks

Rainwater tanks collect runoff from the roof’s gutter, so their use reduces the chances of flooding in extreme weather and can protect the property from damage.

Rainwater Collection Saves Money

A rainwater tank will soon pay for itself, particularly if the consumer has metered water. Water by the metre can be expensive for the homeowner even though it is better for the environment. Using rainwater reduces municipal water use and will lower your water bill.

To start making savings and helping the environment, install a rainwater tank today. Look for a reputable supplier to ensure product quality and reliability.