Why You Need a Portable Bathtub in Your Home

A baby in a bathtub

Elderly and other people with special needs require modified facilities to suit their unique needs. These people are best suited when using portable walk-in bathtubs. Below are just some their advantages of having these tubs in your home.

Mobility solutions

People without mobility issues do not have a problem having to access the standard bathtubs; this is not the same for those who are physically handicapped. Specially made tubs are a requirement to people who use wheelchairs or other walking aids.

The door provided in the portable bathtubs ensure that accessibility is possible even for those who have problems in clearing raised grounds. The portability of these baths also ensures they are movable to suit comfort.


Comfort when bathing is essential because you need to feel relaxed by the time you are leaving the bathroom. Portable bathtubs’ designs offer an exceptional experience to the user. For instance, they have rails where the user can comfortably rest their head.

Safety concerns

The design of walk-in bathtubs puts the safety of the user as a primary concern. For example, the handrail in the tub ensures that the user can comfortably get in and out of the bath without the risk of falling. That is especially so for those users who have limited mobility.

Tub and a shower

Portable bathtubs offer the advantage of having a shower accessory. In most cases, people with mobility issues are unable to use shower baths. Portable tubs, therefore, ensure that the user can have the option of a shower bath when seated.

Additional value

For property developers, having a walk-in bathtub not only adds value to the house but also opens a ready market for the elderly and people with special needs. Installing these baths on a property, therefore, ensures you enjoy an extensive clientele and also good returns on your investment.

Portable walk-in bathtubs guarantee that the users enjoy an independent bathing experience regardless of their physical limitations. Having these tubs in your home is a necessity if you want to take your bathing experience to the next level.