You Want to Be a Nurse? Know the 3 Types of Nurses First

nurse smiling with a stethoscope

Nursing is one of the most important professions around the world. You are already familiar with nurses, whether from experience or schooling or popular media. Most of the time, nurses are seen as people who assist doctors in caring for patients.

There are different professions under the umbrella of nursing. Nurses can do much more — and are actually tasked with a lot more tasks — than assisting doctors. If you are interested in taking up nursing, here is a list that may help you decide exactly what you want to do as a nurse.

Legal nurse consultant

A legal nurse consultant is usually a part of a legal team. In legal cases, a legal nurse is considered the medical expert. Their part is to help legal teams (attorneys) understand medical terminologies, interpret medical charts and other related data, and consult on topics related to healthcare.

As a legal nurse, you can work as a regular employee or on a contractual basis for legal teams, insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals and clinics, and others. You need at least five years of work experience as an RN then enroll in a legal nurse consultant school. Further experience may be needed before you can work as a legal nurse consultant.

Travel nurse

A travel nurse performs the same duties as a regular RN, but hardly stays longer than a few weeks with one medical facility or a similar work environment. In some cases, a travel nurse may work in one facility for a few years. You may travel from state to state or country to country working as a travel nurse. This is usually advisable only if you are single and enjoy travelling to find work.

Emergency Department nurse

It takes a certain type of nurse to handle high-stress situations in the Emergency Department of any hospital or clinic. Injuries and trauma — possibly life-threatening — are a regular presence in emergency rooms. If you can handle that kind of action and still remain calm, this is the job for you. In many cases, you may have to treat patients while the doctor is attending to other patients, so your ability to quickly make sound decisions takes high priority.

These are only a handful of jobs open to nurses in the U.S. and elsewhere. Nursing can be a rewarding profession. If you’re just thinking about enrolling to become a nurse, know that you are already headed in the right direction.