Your Ford Ranger Wasteland Weekend

Can't wait for the new ”MadMax: The Wasteland” to hit the big screen? You can take your 4×4 Ute out into the Outback instead for an off-road adventure of your own! If you own a Ford Ranger, you can just load up and go. It is one Ute built for the Outback terrain.

When the Ranger first entered the market, it outsold other one-tonne 4x4s, including the Hilux, and left them in the dust. 

Diesel dangers

First, be aware of the poor quality diesel reported in remote service stations. To be safe, before you head out, protect your Ford Ranger with an excellent fuel filter you can purchase from reputable online vendors such as Avoid getting into fuel issues that could cost you tens of thousands. 

Tried & Tested

On your trip, if you ever feel like turning off the Oodnadatta Track for some off-road fun, go ahead. You can be confident of its capabilities. The year the Ranger hit the streets, Ford Australia engineers took the Ford Ranger to the Outback and tested it on, in and over the extreme landscapes of the Simpson Desert.

They even released a video of their masked Ford Ranger experience in the Outback.

Turbocharged for any terrain

With its 3.2-litre five-cylinder diesel engine and six-speed auto transmission, this monster can take on any road, rock climb and sand trap. Its tough suspension and locking gear differential will make sure you are always in control in the Outback.

Crank it up

Even though the XLT rolled out back in 2015, it does not skimp in sound insulation. As far as Utes are concerned, the sound insulation material is top of the range. You will find yourself protected from suspension squeaks and cargo noises.

The only noise you should hear is your Mad Max original motion picture soundtrack CD. Turn up the volume and set the mood. 

Unlike the newer Ford wagons, the Ranger has a long wheelbase that allows you to carry bigger, heavier, and longer items. You can load up the tray with anything, from ladders to timber. For this trip, you can load up your dirt bikes for some extra fun out in the desert.