Laugh Riot: ‘s Hilarious Telugu Comedy Collection

Laugh Riot: ‘s Hilarious Telugu Comedy Collection

Make your way into the colourful globe of aha, where one hopes to enter a world full of laughter and jokes in Telugu comedy movies. aha is not just an OTT platform. It’s a vast pool of entertainment that brings you live Telugu HD movies. aha offers a very impressive library filled with various genres of content to make sure that everyone finds something they like. Let’s explore the charm of Telugu comedy with three outstanding movies: NagumomeChaalu Le, Samajavaragama and Mr. Pregnant.

  • NagumomeChaalu Le:

NagumomeChaalu Le is directed and written by N. Balaji. This movie takes you on a lonely journey of healing in an unexpected love story. The plot revolves around Aparna (Sindhuja Turlapati) and Mark(Saketh Valluri), two people who are brokenhearted and can find solace only in each other’s arms. As they walk through the city carrying a special book, their night flourishes with fun and recovery, and they come to discover that each has fallen in love with the other. The movie is an amazing addition to aha’s collection of Telugu HD movies, featuring a fantastic plot and superb performances.

  • Samajavaragama:

Samajavaragamana is a comedy-drama directed by Ram Abbaraju that takes you into the funny world of Sree Vishnu, who has been studying at university all his life. In despair of not passing his exams, he goes to ask for help from both the son and a friend who is in love with Vennela Kishore’s character played by him. The film is a comedy of laughter, love blossoming and comic fights, therefore turning out to be excellent entertainment for those who like the combination of seriousness and fun. Enter the whimsical world of Samajavaragama on aha, where joy is never-ending, and every story has a heartwarming tale behind it.

  • Pregnant:

The 2023 Telugu romantic comedy Mr Pregnant is directed by Srinivas Vinjanampati and stars Syed Sohel Ryan and Roopa Koduvayur. It is the story of Gautam, a tattoo artist, and Mahi, a girl who has this one simple wish to get married so she can have babies. The story takes a comic twist when Gautam, initially hesitant to be with Mahi, accepts her love but is not prepared for parenthood. The attempts are amusing in turn and lead to a peculiar turn in their relationship. The film takes an unexpected turn as Gautam decides to carry a baby in his womb, merging comedy and emotion. Watch the intriguing and funny story of Mr. Pregnant on aha

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